True Colors of the Earth

True Colors of the Earth

True Colors of the Earth
Solemnity of sky all day

Night clouds of pink and lace of stars

One love you give, and so I pray

Gold promises and holy hours.

Fresh garden flowers, breath of dew

Bright silvery moon, white host for you.

Green cabbage fields, brown boots in mud

Orange carrots, shaped pumpkins’ feast

Bright tray of harvest, all from God

Herb cream, purple cakes, earth’s best.–

For you my love, an ivory shell,

Red diamond ring, a towering bell.

Our hopes beside the lake so true

Blinking ripples, gleam as your eyes —

What joy to hearts, love hails your crew

Your heart, one love to God suffice.

Rainbow teas, the lake’s a cup

Sweet nectar rolled in waves you wrap.

True colors of the earth abound

Notes heaven sing: white nights —

Mint trees and grapes in vine, on ground

Earth paints a blast, God’s lips delight.

Cotton clouds, rain candies, now

Thy Kingdom come, pure love a vow.


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