December Sonnet. 3 Love

Engraved on sky, your love to us so true
Blessed are we, blessed in a Father’s delight
A baby born on earth shines forth tonight
Believe in God now, here for me and you

Kneel and adore in prayers, old and new
To one great King, holy immortal light
Guide in thy care, make our homes in Your sight
With angels’ strength, duties let us pursue

O Divine Love, holy God, mighty One
We adore, we repent, we thank and seek
Be near, O hear what we ask from the Son

Like miracles big and small heaven brings
Like happy bells sound when the angels sing
See best of all God’s love and smiles on cheeks!



December Sonnet 2.Hope

Days of wrath, I have seen, now over me
Gone loathsome rains of weeping, after dawn

Should I fall, in praise I’d rise like kids – found
Glory in God’s kindness of boundless seas.

From dark days of doom and cyclone, now free
Gathered silk fields, fire, water, nothing owned

A heaven’s grace, in faith, I pray no bounds
Erect stone monuments like pliant trees!

A Savior is born, rejoice and sing praise!
Hope of today, a blessed light unveiled

Born a Savior, redeems us, human race.
A Savior is born, doubt not, see thy might

In chaos and wars, he saves in the right
Hope of today, a blessed light unveiled!
rosalinda flores rosevoc
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an Italian sonnet

after storm Hayan in the Philippines

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December Sonnets 1.Joy

December! Happy days of waiting here!
For You, to us, come after toil and grief
Christmas lights and stars adorned colored wreaths
December joy, grace brushed, in eyes of tears.

Salvation, gentle God, cast away fear
Justice sought, to God’s lands, punish ill thief
Thy power of light, can’t blame, can’t deceive
Because born is Jesus with us, be near!

And after November of all Saints day
Past memories of death, but life anew
Chant our hearts, in faithful, bright joyful ways!

At break of day arising heaven’s gate
Hearts singing loud, dear Father God in faith
Dear Holy Spirit, we are touched by You.

rosalinda flores rosevoc

All Times of December

for vocations. for fr joe dizon

You live in this, and dwell in my eyes all times of December

We’d feast in the smoking patio with carols and lanterns of gold

We have always been good together; days, months, years

Father and child, child and father!

Perhaps thirty days or nine days of Christmas close to union in the Eucharist

I could have told you more stories, one thousand and one nights, or we could have laughed more – together

But in November, you bade goodbye, for all Saints day

I have realized how perfect you could be: my zeal!

And how beautiful the Cathedral lights shine!

And that is why you brought me there, in days of youth

Like nectar, the rice cake in my mouth stays

Like Jesus, the Bread you break, in me, lives

So shall Christmas be…

Peace on earth, goodwill to men!

So shall Christmas be…

Love on earth, life eternal!

So shall Christmas be…

You and me all times of December.

How beautiful when the Cathedral lights shine!

How perfect in God, all, we would be!

rosalinda flores rosevoc
photography by juarez destro, rcjtrancendencia