My God Protects Me



Dear Lord


Dear Lord,

I remember our days together
Like ripples of tide
Let my memories sink into You
Play with me like a child
Like I never tire
But only believe You
Let me seek You all the days of my life
Now and forever

/feb 19, 2018.rosevoc

Cirilo F. Bautista. Second Advisory

When you fall in love it’s best
not to listen to your heart. You’ll make mistakes
like thinking the dark clouds enfolding the belfry
are guardian angels, and the flowers in the plaza–
those gorgeous roses and violets–are not for sale.
Love does not conquer commerce,
the world moves on full stomach,
and what are those that look like crows clawing
at a piece of meat? Lovers on the run, afraid
of sleeping and cherishing what they
will eventually lose.
Things change as the weather changes,
hooked to beginnings and the fallibility
of beginnings, one eye alone
without a center of gravity. So easily
is the heart fooled by foolish occasions
in glorious blend with pride and moonlight
till the island tilts against coconut trees
and the ship, ah! the precious ship of this or that
golden thing, runs aground, and is that not enough?
No, it is never enough. The lovers may swim
to the shore and plot another tomorrow,
young as they are, and daring. They will restore
the stars to the sky, the trees to the mountain
and a passage of violin music to the valley,
they will get sick, they will not die and thus
suffer an impatience for wings to close the distance
between them though they are together.
The dare is in not caring how long it will take them
to do it, the joy in knowing that
they can partake of time. Once you know that,
the knots unravel. You look at the water,
you see the water, if you look at boats you see boats–
love sharp-edged, used to forebodings, faith-encrusted crown.
This is when you close the door of your heart, the windows, too, and hope that the four winds do not
ritualize your love into an obsolete song.
~ Cirilo F. Bautista

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