A Writer’s Wish

a writer’s dream is to write;

to write at all cost.

and when she can’t find time to write

it’s like the world has stopped; and all those dull moments.

why can’t the muse stay?

the hurts and laughter in a bowl

ready to spill,   or etch a mark, thumbprint! 

when  the heart starts loving again

or soaks saddened. and bruised,

the writer grows her wings and rides in a cloud of white.

hatred has no space for her

it is conscience over matter

it is sweet silence

it is daring madness

it is love

it is a moment of truth

it is life.

it is part of her daily offers

a part of her, undressed

a part of her, weakened

courage in the pages of Gods creation.

/rosevoc. 4.26pm

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