Cloth Of A Mother

There is something holy in this place
Or is it magic like a kids?
Where in the closet of messy clothes
I’ve come to find an old wardrobe.
From my mother, sewn by aunt
Memories of rituals enter the room
Of this rarity above rubies and gold.
A beige beaded lace of cape
Tender to my hands,blazing bright –
Awe and joy, it brings to me

Full of power and
Luminous light.

Solace, it sheds, to the house
A living presence!
I wrap the Virgin with her cape
Like heaven’s doors open to the earth
We are safe.
Up above God’s holy angels sing
Praise, praise –

Hail Mary, full of Grace!

Rosalinda Flores Martinez Tuesday, September 8, 2020Download image of this poem.

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