In Time, In Space

Somewhere, I make promises
No bravoes, no bells, beyond
Dreams. Into the deep.

Somewhere, I kneel for love
I sketch a heart in between
Yards and temples, something

Ephemeral, on air, on wires, on web,
On sheets. Candles of wax –

I light on mountains.

Somewhere, I write words, spin threads
I blog on wires
I make a kiss, full red lips of chants

I hug tight – as the mind can grasp.
There is an ascension of thoughts, somewhere
Draping like shrouds, patterns of shimmering silk

I wrap on you –
The brilliance of God’s designs

Protective and steadfast
Amazing grace, I hold your heart
Mine –

You trace my bones, my moist nipples
My sculpted blood. You, fierce –
Night and dawn.

Somewhere – here and in spring
Near St. Vianney, the memories
Of our vows, the hands of God anoint.

We endure –
Holding a kids laughter, firm –
seeing the world.

/rosevoc dec 7,2017

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