Sestina. My Lord


When evening comes, I drowse in fear, my Lord

From flicked memories drifting in sorrow.

My tears flow for blest graves stretching out light

Pleading now and tomorrow. I rise in might

My heart cries to heaven from every fall

In times, I’m alone, You are eternal.

Close to me, Lord, I lean, You are eternal

My sins, forgive me. I sing you praise, my Lord.

In silent hours, in You, shall my days fall

Timeless, your mercy, I profess my sorrow.

Between us, through years, O God, in Your might

Your fire, twisting me in cold gentle light.

I adore Thee, my Lord, in darkness and light

Before You, all good triumphs be eternal.

You ask me, "Do you believe with all your might? "

Yes, I believe, as St. Peter said, my Lord.

"Have faith, little one, be healed of thy sorrow! "

Come Holy Spirit into me, my knees fall!

In Thy cross, Your strength Lord, when all else falls

Trusting Your word, surrounds me Your bright light

And even now, in our Lady’s sorrow

Beading paths, peace in war, joy be eternal.

All my agonies held in your cross, my Lord

Twin Hearts hold me close, angels lift in might!

How much do I love Thee with all my might?

Many times I betray you, I fail, I fall

Yet how many dawns and happy days, my Lord

How many beautiful sunsets, fading light

Across the ports, you bless us, eternal

Your heart draws me near you, rest me, in sorrow.

Blessing of prayers, You teach me, in sorrow – The World’s Poetry Archive 35

Delight in Therese’ rose petals holy might!

I shall not be afraid in Your love eternal

In death be with You, in Thy shadows fall.

In chants, on Your altar, I submerge in light

You, alone, my fortress, dear God, my Lord!

Pray, our Lady of Sorrows, when we fall.

God our Father, let Your might bring us light!

Most Sacred Heart, eternal, mercy, my Lord.

Rose Flores Martinez

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