Dearest One

Dearest one, the reply couldn’t reveal what I aim to know. As beautiful as white and blue clouds – only of two colors, all of you shift in glory, blazing flesh in shades so sweet, ignites fire in me. Bells in yellow dawn sing hymns of the sky, waking me up sweetly in a tender mist of a kiss. I awake with you in my thoughts, sleep with you in my thoughts and pray earnestly – chained above in drops of rain, if for mercy. How sweet the bells, prodding me to see the most faithful Heart holding our hopes and dreams. Refreshed, I come solemn with you in thought of our future. But it says “Live one day at a time. God will take care of your tomorrow, too.” In the afternoon, bathed in perfume I wait – hoping you’d come, and I, close to your skin; flesh to sky, sky to flesh – My shoulders, cold and bereft, always longed for your embrace; my wish, is to be next to you. So the cross, stands in courage – I lean my thighs, my arms, and my hands that hold nothing, but only your promises. 

My husband! My life and my breath, a radiant amethyst of flame – let me cry in your chest; like the sea, you conquer in you hands is my love you conquer in your heart, hearts, oh heart in one beat, and a blast of stars – in God’s Sacred Love. 

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