Illusion, Not An Illusion

Illusion, Not An Illusion

I pretend you are with me the days I miss you.

Together, heaven holds us

I miss you every time I want to cry and find a pillow to sob in

every time I’m pooped

in the scariest hours of the night

in a room full of people, I find your face.

I rest beside you, wait till you cradle me to sleep

I wrap you with my hands, hold you, find you in that hardest hours of dawn

again and again

my tongue would only speak your name

My beloved.

It is not by accident that we are lone heart and soul

That day we left

was a conception.

That night the windows flashed fire

I thought of only you.

We are a new life where dead/s rise again

where dreams come real

where angels alter stars

where distance is heaved by time.

That was yesterday when

your kisses nailed me to the walls

We were running stairs, hugging, catching our breaths

until tiredness made us laugh.

All I could speak was your name

All I think about was you

Remember last winter? We drove wildly

and even the moon couldn’t catch up on us.

Bone to bone and drizzle

promised us a lovely evening – The World’s Poetry Archive 23

I have grown with you

bled my heart, and sought you in all the places

I have nowhere to go, except in your bed

to hide my fears.

My clutters are darkest, not worthy of a majestic seat nor the crumbs

But God, in His Love gave me an utmost prize –


I ask, but only of you…

You in the cold nights,

You in the dry nights

You in all my days –

You will need to come closer

That I

in a ceremony of chants and vows

would live my word.


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