Cresendo /rosevoc

In crescendo, you on the pulpit –

It was in a house which I then quite venerated. It was a dance in the corners and after a while found the best place to stay was in front where you preached the good news.

Lost in the joy of all chants – praying and being in God’s presence, you a priest, a pope, a reverend father, Pope Francis, were there in front of me telling me of all the love and might of God.

I was still and silent, mesmerized and couldn’t believe you were present with me face to face. And because of Descartes, and my calling that seemed odd, I alone pledge loyalty, to God Almighty.

And because of this necessity that you found me, I, one with your soldiers, augment time. Is it God’s will that I love you (vocations) the most? Out of my guilt is duty. Out of God’s endowment is sacrifice. A writer does not write in vacuo…

I dreamed of you, last night, dear Holy Father, you were gleaming in white. I thank God for letting you be in my dreams, all the time realizing the wants of my heart and celebrating the mass with me.

It was all so real with the angels… May Mama Mary cheer and comfort you, Holy Father. I love you

/for the Holy Father, Pope Francis

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