Abstract Love in Metaphors



If you want me, here I am

I to my dearests

In full bosom

In winters gut and fire

In summers bath

In silent tears of hope

I to my dearests

In a writers birthing and transition

Mending skies of catastrophies

It’s complicated

I  to my dearests

The fright of highways

But God’s promises prove true

Obscure times of life

By amazing grace anew

By stars benign *

Do it to be baby!

I to my dearests –

Here I am.

Rosevoc. March 15, 2019 12:50PM

Writer’s Note.

The above poem is also published in “Abstract Life, Abstract Love:  Poets Unite Worldwide,”  by Fabrizio Frosini at Amzon.com

*By stars benign

My poem was inspried by A. E.  Housman’s (1859-1936) poem “I to My Perils”

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