Scent of Salvation


The Scent Of Salvation Poem by rose flores rosevoc2


Perfumed his feet, mint cherry bits
Musk billowed, deep ocean fleet

White linen pillows of his hair
Earth’s smoke and fire sun, oh, so rare

Nailed hands to life, air goes to flee
Sweet grace and mercy to earth be

Needs and wants, they’re satisfied
Complete in 14 stations by.

The garden throbs with joy, anew
Rose petal, leaves and honey dew

Bouquet of rainbow, jelly melts
In Eucharist, gold blossoms felt.

Virgin falls, stream of wine, so clear
White wafer bread, a dearly gear

Light bubbly fogs of wood, a whiff
Spiking fountain, a sacred cliff

Angel’s touch turns flowers, hope.
‘John Paul, we pray, ‘ pleads dearest Pope.

You and me, together free,
All nations free! God’s Kingdom be!

Together, we, breathe scent and smell
In God’s blue cross, the flames will tell

Holy workers and priests be sent

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