Good Morning Prayers



Dear Father God,

You have cradled me in Your arms, last night.
In my sleep, you have cradled me, sweet in my sleep
I awake in tears of hope
asking today of your light.

My thoughts rise up, crazed
Do not abandon me,
but in Your cup let me drink.
Let me drink, sit me on your lap like a child.

My Lord, my God –
Carry me in work
Teach me your statutes
Never permit me to slip or fall
Raise me up in your love and mercy.

I ask for those in my heart, fill them your grace
I ask for everyone, fill them your blessings
Only from You, one great Father is truth and love
Only from You is peace and joy.

Seize me, Father, seize me now
Let come Your Holy Spirit!
Send forth Your holy angels and Saints!
Here and beyond, Your miracles!

In every new day, Jesus in me, Jesus in us!
In every new day, until death, You in us.

Dear Father, let me rise in courage, today again
with Your Most Sacred Heart
and Your grace of salvation, Father –
now and forever.

Glory be to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit
As it was in the beginning now, now and will be, forever. Amen.

Send O Lord, holy apostles into Your church!

rosevoc. july 18, 2016


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