(for cyd. for Vocations)


The descent beckons you will leave me.
There beside that porch the pale white afternoon wanes.

Round a well of prayers, stones you struck
remind me of your fullness.
I need your light to sustain me breath.
Days and minutes, I gather them,
those beams crossing the altar
those days of fright
those days of tiredness.

In that hour, your affectionate embrace
gathers my heart to yours: tight –
neat, eternal.

You are half of me…
close, like equal halves of the same heart,
close, one, steeple of hope.

My breasts ache every time you leave
My heart breaks in your silence

I cry unto Thee, “My Lord! My God!”

And the while the candles burn…
I sink, but into delight, open;
Pray – till you return.


Thursday, June 23, 2016. 5:51 AM

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