June 13, 2016. Fervor



I didn’t bargain for this. All I wanted to do was write. And here with all these thoughts naked with the evening, after summer has gone, I am facing my nightmares of you leaving, and I,
waiting till you return. Should I say I have really kept those knives under my bed in fear of any betrayal and in short, I am afraid those times you were away. How long can I endure the days
of yearning? How long will I count the days? Those times the evening slept peacefully, and you alone, alone with me, at night, in the bus, on the subway, everywhere I turned, or at dawn in bed
when soul and body had no bounds, ephemeral moments eternal, time held our love. I believed you. I believed when you said you loved me; sometimes even if you lied to me. I believed you
when you showed me the clowns, when you let me feel the soft evening, when you magnified my heart. You whispered to me the secrets of the sea in the silent dusk.

I am held by the flicker of Greatness seen in your promise.


photo by rene carranceja





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