Barred walls real as cloud frames on sky
Door free and open as fields that grow
Wind blowing dust on pavement gray
And chains on feet to ground below.

Must I die now? Do I dare so?
My heart, speak not! My mind, shout go!
Dare the woods and trail of thorns
No coming back, breathed holes in trough.

Every leap, time seething by
Umber wet; bones scald in marrows
Heal threads of seas – You and I
Catching snows and flowers on mouth.

When are you just coming back?
How many all, stars I’ve counted?
Mounted on breasts, navel and spirit
My flesh, arrows spiked tombs and fane.

Incandescent fire and tender bliss
Know I live only for a time:
As a wick fades, my flesh ends
And next, a yellow sunset fence.

Seeds grow in umber fanes gold
Hands, waves on shores not weary up
Only human, I am so, un-god
Of myth, limbs so frail, nailed gravity.

Succulent fruit of red and after
Mind drifts impure, feculent thief;
Vines that crawl like serpent beasts
Thy sword, Saint Michael, in your fist!

O Holy God, Almighty One,
I search your light, Thy will be done
If after all, I must complain
Take all away, but You remain.

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