December Sonnet  III.  On Love



Engraved on sky, your love to us so true

Blessed are we, blessed  in a Father’s delight

A baby born on earth shines forth tonight

Believe in God now, here for me and you


Kneel and adore in prayers, old and new

To one great King, holy immortal light

Guide in thy care, make our homes in Your sight

With angels’ strength, duties let us pursue


O Divine Love, holy God, mighty One

We adore, we repent, we thank and seek

Be near, O hear what we ask to the Son


Like miracles big and small heaven brings

Like happy bells sound when the angels sing

See best of all God’s love and smiles on cheeks!


Rosevoc. December 12, 2013.  An Italian sonnet

 photo from the internet. WWW.  thanks!


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