Poetry Chapbooks


Poetry Chapbooks

Chapbooks are like the pamphlets. They are cute, sometimes common or sometimes rare. They can be expensive or cheap, as to preference. These forms of reading materials offer an array of creatively relevant designs. Take your pick!
Chapbooks are pocket-sized booklet, usually of poetry, of up to about 40 pages (Wikipedia).
Several days ago, I thought of binding my own books. I went to the bookstore and bought a three-hole puncher, more bond and colored papers, various fasteners, threads and plastic cases, among others. I experimented compiling the empty sheets, but sorry for me because I was not patient and not fit doing it. Later I gave up and just stared at what I bought. With my piles of papers, magazines and boxes of manuscripts, I stored the materials.
Since I will write about this topic, I searched online. What I read gave me the zeal to make my own poetry chapbooks. I am so excited to finish sets of chapbooks and sell them at a small cost to promote and share my poems.
Modern chapbooks are also nugget ebooks, blue books or online chapbooks. They are for easy reading and daily inspiration. Some texts can be easily memorized.
Online are easy steps and examples to make or publish your own chapbooks like Poets.org and Poemfish.com (creating a poetry chapbook by Elizabeth Simson). Promote or send links handing readers a finished copy of your finished product. Make interesting themes.
How to get your poems published in a chapbook? It will be easy. But first, you have to write the poems.

Check this sample.
My Poetry Chapbook: Android 101
Include a title page, a preface, a table of contents and the acknowledgments.
The preface is an introduction about the poems. It can include a dedication or one strong line from the poems.
My preface writes “This is for you whom, I have always loved and dared to plead for stars above.”
My table of contents includes three poems and the outline of the complete collated work. Content page shows Colors: Painted Texts, Dare Me and In the Summer.
The body of my chapbook can range from 20-25 pages. The body are the poems. It is up to the author’s choices as to whether the poems are written in paragraphs, lines or completely, in the pages.
The acknowledgment will show annotations, recognition of other’s contributions and copyrights.
There! You have the chapbook!
You can make your own and share them to your friends. I would be glad to have one and get a bite of it! Smile!

/rosalinda flores martinez


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