Sixty days…

That’s all you’ve got to stay with me

and take me under bark of trees. 

Spring lilacs and dandelions, wild

flowers witness scent of souls.


Sixty days…

Down caves of deep soil cakes we lay

naked in glow.  Seethed in grief,

placid in kiss in trails of snow.


 Sixty days…

Unfulfilled, but released

Luceferin, transparent,

yellow lights; on and off  spread

“Miracles of fireflies!”


One by one I count you,

in the dark.  Sent for signs

flying to my hands. Coming

to me, blinking in circles


like tender halos of God.

Every night as clouds transform

in fogs of grey,  you come back

To me  – in rays


Cluster of golden leaves,

dropping from the sky

as you are sent, fireflies –

come to me, light my way.


Tell me,  how is God’s flame?

Go glow firefly, in God’s /Jesus’ Holy Name.



/Arrowtarget. Rosevoc2. posted in January 2014


photo  from

Dazzling Photos of Gold Fireflies in Japan

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