December Sonnet II. Hope

Days of wrath, I have seen, now over me

Gone loathsome  rains of weeping,  after dawn

Should I fall, in praise I’d rise like kids – found

Glory in God’s kindness of boundless seas.

From dark days of doom and cyclone, now free

Gathered  silk fields, fire, water , nothing owned

A heaven’s grace, in faith, I pray no bounds

Erect stone monuments like pliant trees!

A Savior is born,   rejoice and sing praise!

Hope of today,  a blessed  light unveiled

Born a Savior, redeems us, human race.


A Savior is born,  doubt not, see thy might

In chaos and wars, he saves  in the right

Hope of today, a blessed light unveiled!

/arrowtarget. rosevoc.12052103

/an  Italian sonnet

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