On November 13, 2013. A Small Prayer

Dear God,

I have come to you today because my grieving has not been over…

I am missing Father Joe  who has just died, our second father and a father to his community,

servant of God and servant of the poor, a militant priest for Christ –

I remember the dead, those hurt in my land, the ruins of my country

I rage for dishonest and lazy leaders and workers robbing the youth of their future

My tears can’t stop like the rain when angered –

Lord, stop the fury of nature to us

And help us rebuild our land 

Strengthen and heal our people, all broken and crushed

Let the guilty repent now, so we could flourish as one nation of hope

a light of the world to see

Bless all the world, too, and  all the chosen people of the earth

our hopes and dreams, our works of  love for each other

I know we all have to let go

of our sorrows and let You take our hurts

Forgive our complaints –

May the storm stop its howling and wrath 

Make us steadfast in you as we rise again

and bring back to us good health, charity and peace.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, we trust in You.

Mama Mary, pray for us.

Holy Angels and Saints, hear our pleas.


/arrowtarget.rosevoc2. november 13, 2013

photo by wenzi f martinez



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