Chapter Three: Of Course. Bats.

Thanks for this. A blessed day!

Adventures In American Writing

A classic 911 story ending: The spontaneous revolutions are further apart as you get older and you need to experience the creative human spirit when it takes a hold of you. I believe in taking the picture when you see it, like you might not ever see it again, the now or never, and even when you’re chained you can run. Of course The work takes your time up and this is alright, you need to relax and count with the abacus more and more often than not, that is, if you don’t want to drop dead before you’re fifty. Once in a while though it snaps into place and you just have to go. So (Auden Wyatt, the character of my gonzo style) got six solid pages typewritten single spaced. I don’t know, many words later. And it was fun and I tried to make it to 9:11 on…

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