Dare Me

Dare me to love you, in the spaces of my imagination where there is no reality.  Dare me to sleep with you and chain me to your heart.  Dare me to seek out adventures of life where our mouths suck each other’s tongue. Seize me not to think, but only love you.  

I will let you touch me now.  All those years we’ve grappled to remain pure.  The flesh grows old, but then blood would always be clean in a spectrum of rainbows.  Your colors are elegant to me.  Your vivid sense of loyalty and stand illuminates salvation.

Our houses keep me.  They make me strong as a bull, but scared as a baby when you go.  When would you come back?  When would you sing out your heart?  When would we read again, then stop and kiss?

Our emotions will not furrow, I tell you not.  I would not allow it.  God has built you an android beating.  I live from time to time, newly created. My poems forever will speak of zeal. It is meant for you. 

Dare me again.  Be with me on the subway, in the library, in the park or kneel with me side by side.  Dare me to love you.  Seize me not to think, but only love you. 

I will stay.  I promise.

/arrowtarget. ImageRosevoc2.july5, 2013



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