Daily Prompt: A to Z

Daily Prompt: A to Z.

A  day of wonder waits

Be  God, my light dictate

Come Lord, to me your aid

Do brush, my fear, you bade

Engulf your hands, you sow

Full moon thy fingers row

Good days ahead, let grow

Healed hearts we live we go

In days of bleak and gloom

Jesu, dear one, be home

Kneel light my body be

Look up to thee I plea

My sorrows cooled in love

No hate but love above

Oh Father, joy, I  pray

Pray all! Rogate! Be!

Quiet seas air fire earth

Rise, thy light, rebirthed

Sing angels choir, be lamp

To heaven’s kingdom come

Umbrella daisies strummed

Vined honey grapes, aged  rums

White sweet  ambrosia melts

X’mas joy! God with us, felt

Yellow gold,  a rest in night

Zion come, day’s Holy Light!


Arrowtarget. Rosevoc2. July 28, 2013



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