dear one

you know me well. you see my secret parts, sad and funny parts of my being. you think about me, sometimes; but not much as I think of you; every single day. it’s nice to have you along the journey of highways and rocks, as we etch history next to each other or side by side, like north and south or east and west. when we touch we feel life together, erase meridians and live as one heart, so pure that could move the earth to merge with sky. you are my sun, my moon, my rain, my air, my water, my shore; here I become a pagan – because I adore you. what love to me – is you.

in time of death, my love letters will end up as the night ends; yet in the morning, it will stay alive with you like a burst of zeal moving you, facing God. one day seems like a thousand years for me, while you’re away. my heart beats only for you. thinking over every tone of your voice, enchants me like when the ocean divides and the heaven opens. and right now, i am memory incarnate, unworthy to keep the flames of fire burning in your heart.

how far have you gone? i will be happy to know. write me.



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