Daily Prompt: Perspective

Daily Prompt: Perspective


Sometimes it is what you think is right

Or what the others say is right

And both sometimes could take sides –

I still believe in the old maxim – what is right is the infallible truth.




“I followed my own conscience.  I did what I thought was right.  How many madmen have said it and meant it?  How many murderers?  Klaus Fuchs said it, and the men who  committed the Mountain Meadows Massacre said it, and Alfred Rosenberg said it….Maybe we have all said it what could be more arrogant than to claim the primacy of personal conscience?”  (Joan Didion On Morality)



You will like me for my sweetness, but you might hate me for my spunk.

I could not offer the reticence to agree with something mendacious about the morality of work and prayer, those which only connote the deepest yearning of the heart, that is perfect and radiant for all hearts; hence as directed by the Holy Spirit a good prayer  is not boastful, but kind.  It is not self – seeking, but offers the self for all prayers.



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