This is falling in love…




Dear Kieth,


I am missing you, please write.








September 4, 2003


My Darling,


I have told you that I miss you 


My heart breaks a little more each day





each other.


All I have is yours, my heart and my love


I can have no secrets from the woman


I adore.





All my love,







September 4, 2003



Dear  Kieth,


You make me feel important, though I could not give you anything


Your tenderness melts me


Your words suffice me


Thank you for giving your heart to someone you do not even see


I can feel your kindness


My tears are flowing


Thank you


for being  nice


to me.








My Dearest Ashra,


We keep missing each other.. . 


My heart breaks when I can’t find you.


My earnest dream would be to hold you in my arms when I sleep


And to wake with you.


The way I feel would make it impossible to hold you through the night


without wanting to love and adore you forever.


My heart and soul, as always,  are yours to command.


I love you,






My Dearest Kieth,



For bearing with me and my crazy scribbles – my gratitude


Writing you set my words free


I wish I could mean more than my words.


Yes I do,


I treasure that love


I keep it with me to my grave.







September 7, 2003



My Dearest Ashra,


My love, heart and soul are yours to do with what you will


We are not old enough to need love nor too young to waste it


I need to express how I feel for you because


I would surely regret


Never having told you


I am yours to love or discard, but my love


Is my gift to you for an eternity.




My Dearest Kieth,


Forever is a word seldom used, I could not imagine the great


love in


your heart.


Yes, when you are sad – think that sometime I came into your life and






Held you close with an embrace




Kissed you until dawn… never to let you go


I could die in your arms




I love you.





My Dearest Ashra,


Although forever is a word seldom used,


It would be fleeting compared


To how


Long I will cherish you


The love in my heart is for you and you alone


My only wish is to see your beautiful face


Before when I close my


Eyes to


Sleep and wake with you still next to me


To explore our love and passions would be


A dream


All my love,








September 8, 2003





How can dreams come true?


How can it become real?


Then I give you my all, my heart and myself


Do as you wish in your dreams


I am yours


In the pigments of your imagination


I submit to you


With love in my heart


I will cross space and time with you.



From Salem


Why did you dry up writing emails?


I am missing the affection you


Promised me.



Hi Kieth,


My love will break bounds


In the hope that sometime you and I will be together





My Darling,


I am sad


That I could not hold you


I am sad


That I couldn’t  give you the


Warm touch of my affection,




To Salem,


YOU come and you go


Leaving me memories




Yet I cherish


Every moment


When you remember me


If I could only make you mine


I long for you as sunlight is to a rose


And if I could I only take you


I would not hesitate to do it









You make my dreams come true




I could rest in your love.



September 8, 2003


Forgive me for intruding


Into your peaceful life


For taking your love


You realize my wishes


Catch my falling tears


I could cry in your arms


I wish that you will never let me go


In this illusion


Because I’d rather be lost


In a dream


With you.


Real love betrays


But dreams pursue the stars


You are my dream.








September 8, 2003



My darling Ashra,



I could not leave you if I tried


You have my heart in an embrace


That I cherish


If I am your dream then you are


The fulfillment of my every wish and hope


I wish, I could give you more


Than just words


Anything at all that you want from me


Is yours, just ask my love


I am yours until the sun fades


From the sky for the very


Last time.


My love always,









My dearest Ashra,


I accept anything of yourself you can give


Your words keep me sane throughout the day


For without your love I would lose


The will to live


I gave you my heart it is yours to play


Just  please, please tell me you love


Me if only once in a day


I am yours to do with what you will


My love and heart always,





September 9 2003


To Kieth,


NO I would not play with your heart


For if you lose the will


Then I had lost mine


Please stay.  Please take care


I love you.







Kieth, tell me please


How do I go on with my review


I find it difficult for there are many chores and I still need to do a lot of readings..


If I don’t make good in this


Sort of me being hopeless


Also, I don’t chat anymore


Though it’s fun.  Tired of the 2 month exploration.


 But it’s good then. I


got friends. 


I enjoyed it and I have learned a lot…


I live a simple life now but with a broken heart


I would welcome your suggestions





I fear tomorrow


Of sometime losing you


Or of sometime going away


Of sometime without you


How could I live then?


And if so


When I’m gone


My ashes




In the wind –


will still embrace you.



Loneliness creeps


Like shadows in the night


When I think




Our love


That would not be realized


I love you,




To Ashra,



I miss your long emails.  I miss our chat


Have you forgotten me now?




Hi Salem,


I could not find you


Yes, my heart breaks a little more each day


I chat a little with someone


But I could not


It was you that I always thought of.






September 10, 2003


Dear Ashra,


You are in my thoughts everyday


No one can replace you


I am dying without you



Dear Kieth,


Please stay


I am missing you so much


Someone told me that you could be my fantasy


I said NO, I don’t fantasize


I have a dream


I don’t want anyone stealing my dreams.


You are my dream


Until the sun fades from the sky for the very last time


I would keep your heart


And give you my love – my all


Please take care darling


My love forever,






Hi Ashra,


As for me – I want


to keep something


That I could not hold and own


Something that only the heart knows


And can understand


That which stays in life


But does not end in death


Someone I could keep


As a friend forever


This is sacred.







TO Salem,


I could not count


The times I think of you




Why you came into my life


Searching for the answers


To my questions


The whys of you


The whys


I could not ask you


Not even beg


Only remain


To be what you like


So I could stay


With you


 And be your friend


In the withering corners




My heart.





September 10, 2003


My Dearest Ashra


You are the one reason of my existence


I was put on this earth for just one reason, to love you



My love now and forever,




    2.Dearest Ashra,


I am currently working nights so it


Is difficult to get on line for


Any length of time.


3.    My dearest Ashra,


My love is yours, my soul is yours


You cannot lose someone who is your soulmate


I am yours forever


My love always,






My Darling Ashra,


My love knows no bounds


Even if we do not talk, my heart is in your hands


My thoughts are full of you


My dreams are of you alone


My love is for you only





Dearest Ashra,


I am yours and you are mine I think


Of you constantly


I yearn for your touch every waking moment


I need your love for without it there


Would be no point in my existance


My heart is yours,





Dearest Darling Ashra,


YOU are my dream, my fantasy and my life


If only we could have met at an earlier time, I would have gladly


Devoted my


Mind body and soul just to


please you


I am here for you whenever


You need me


My heart as always is yours


Together with my love





Dear Kieth,



I feel your warm embrace


I feel your gentleness


I feel your heart missing me


I feel you holding me


I feel your love till the sun fades


But I wont take your soul because it belongs to GOD alone


I’ ll take your love and your heart



Please stay





My Dearest Ashra


I love you more than I could ever


Put in words


You must trust that my


Love is solely for you


I pray that you can feel my love




Please love me for I could not exist without you


GOD, although all seeing and loving


Could not deny that my soul is yours He


Knows that you are the keeper of my hopes and dreams.


My heart belongs to you alone.





TO Kieth


Our love conquers distance


The souls


Are entwined in the wind


Blown from heaven


Now I’m full of you


I exist


My heart throbs for you each day


Whispering your name, in


The depth of  silence


I keep every moment


Thinking of you and pray


Holding your heart


Never to part


Until I die


unto eternity


I shout your love


In the roaring thunder


I cry in the gentleness of your




I bleed in the sweetness of it


Until I sleep in peace


And rest with you,


With you.





More laters after Saturday


Email me more


I would not let you go


After you made me crazy


‘Miss you sweetie.




September 12, 2003



My Darling Ashra


I felt tears as I read your work


Your words touch me as no


Others ever have


I ache for you everyday, my body yearns for you


I exist only for you, if you


Discarded me, I would have


No reason for my being here


My love always and forever




My Dear Kieth,


I’m glad you liked my scribble and that you felt tears because as I was writing, it was


 really painful for me to grapple for the right words.  You are my inspiration.  I could not


have thought of the crying, the embrace, and my bleeding had I not thought of your


gentleness with me.  The soul can never lie.  I could not lie in what I said


Please write and tell me again


You love me


Thank you for yourself


Now I believe in soulmates


I love you,




ALL THE WAY, my poems are for you:


In the darkness of  the night I feel you


Illuminating my heart


Your hands gently wipe away


The tears on my face


Like soft clouds touching




I feel you holding me


Keeping a rose on the altar offering a prayer


I feel you


Kissing me, my soul


Weaving remnants




My last breath is sealed with your gentle kiss.



Time and time


I look for a friend


 Breaking in  the warm


Joy gushing


Skipping waves


To the silent shores


I drown in the tranquility of your heart


In the silent throbs of your breath





Dearest Ashra,


My love is yours until time ends the sun rises no more and man has vanished from the earth.


I will always love you,




Dearest Kieth,


I could not attain peace


If I could not write you


Everyday I am missing you


And would like to embrace you


Rest in your arms.


I would like to kiss you


Feel your breath


In mine


My every heartbeat


Would not let you go


Death is the only reason


That would stop me from writing you


But my love stays with you until eternity


I could be anything for you


Because I love you so much


Please don’t stop loving me


Keep me until time ends


The sun rises no more


And man has vanished from the earth.






The friend I’ve always wanted?


No one equals the great you


I would not lose you


I’m ready to stand by you


And pick the stars for you.


Happy birthday Salem!




September 15, 2003


I have been wondering why you don’t write me


Are you sick?


Are you busy?


Is there something wrong?


Did you receive my emails?


I am so lonely thinking you might have forgotten  me




September 17, 2003


My Dear Ashra,


I could never forget you


You keep my heart beating, my very existence depends on you


You are the air I breathe


My love cannot fade


I love and adore you


My heart is always yours.


My Darling Ashra,


I miss you more than I could ever express in words


My love is yours.


I could never be angry with you


I write trying to answer each mailing I get from you


You are not disturbing me,


How could the woman I adore be troublesome


I too would like to meet again on line


To talk, exchange our deepest thoughts




The picture I sent was the only one I have in my PC… my webcam is playing up. 


I will


have to get another or borrow one for now.


I would love to see your pretty face because it breaks my heart – when


We keep missing






You are my reason for living,





Take care and kisses for you






Be safe.







My Dearest Ashra,


I received your picture this morning


I thought I had seen an angel


You are beautiful than I could ever hope to deserve


My heart, soul, and body are yours


My love always





My Dear Ashra,


I do not know what you like me for so much. 


You have humbled me. 


All my life no one has expressed to me the way you have. 


You are a very nice person, a very nice looking gal.


Reading your messages and watching you look two different things, you look so


quiet and there is so much inside you to be explored. 


I don’t know where to begin from. 


I am glad to have you a s great friend. 


It was pleasant reading all about yourself. 


Trust me what you disclose to me is not going to go


anywhere and its going to remain just with me.


I have never eloped with any girl outside of my


married life and now I am here with you


talking everything. Lol.  This is crazy but at the same time


I have a feeling of teen…


I shall never call on your landline phone but


I shall try to call you on your mobile. 


I am not sure but I shall call you,  that’s a promise. 


I am at work now and I will be here


even tomorrow.  If I am online I shall leave a message for you.


Take care, luv yah,





You paint my fairest imagination


Of love in autumn



September 22, 2003


For Salem,


You are in my thoughts everyday


I could not deny the feeling


Of missing you always


Thinking about our exchange of ideas


Is far beyond any other conversation


And though we are oceans apart


The separation from one another further extends the


Possession of life,


The distance of place renders the conjunction


Of our wills


Life is a process of continuous desires


The agony of struggles break the heart


Yet each and everyday that we triumph


Is an increase in virtue


And love


I could not question my existence for you


About yesterday, nor about tomorrow


 I love you so much today and  promise


To keep it until the end of time.



Yes, I thought about most of the things we talked about and how much I love and yearn


for you of making you happy


But I’m sorry


I think I could not be like the others


Because love is being content of the things that are not only seen


But unseen


I think that I am not that sexy, otherwise I might have no reservations


Also, respect for myself is all I got


Perhaps if you are here maybe, or perhaps only in words


because words seep in the




If you still like me as I am, continue to write me


If you don’t, I shall presume you discarded me


I thank you for all your goodness


And the moments of inspiration


I am keeping you in my heart


If you stay, then I got a man


If you don’t, I’ve lost a friend that I’ve loved so much







To Kieth,


The best and the worst come to people


The fear of losing is a nightmare


Questions replies to quest for truth and lies


Breaking walls of sanity


I could not understand life sometimes


I could not unearth what it means


What remains vivid to me now is you


To cast away dark memories


And unkind shadows of life


Please tell me how do I get to know my cause


I am so troubled


I hope you are not playing games


Because it is in you that I find my peace


Yes I give you my heart, my life, and my soul


Cover me with your warmth


Kiss me with your breath


Embrace me in your arms


And let me sleep


Keep me


In your most gentle embrace


And kiss me like no other


Had kissed me


Melt my heart in your passion


And make me cry to flood the earth


Let me bleed in your tenderness


The hymn of the gentle breeze


I gasp for your every breath


So I could live


I am the other half of you


We breathe life together


All of me is yours


All of you is mine


We breathe life together


The throbbing heart its every breath


The flooding blood its every drop


We breathe life together


In GODs sanctuary of love.


All my love,




September 22, 2003


Dearest Ashra


I could never chain you to my heart


That would mean that you would




Be a prisoner to my love


I want willingly, you give your love to me


Your embrace is my wish


Your touch is my dream


Your love my salvation


All my love,




Dear Kieth


Just to let you know that I miss you so much


How could I ever forget the other half of my soul


I send you messages every now and then


Try to keep it in my memory


I love you more than I could love


The thought of you makes me feel so special


My Ashra,


I would willingly take you as my wife


You are my dream, my life


My heart is yours to have forever


My very existence is solely to serve you


And give you love







My Darling


You are constantly in my thoughts and dreams


If you want me to want you then want you I do


If you are mine then that is enough for me


Yes, I love you. Yes, you are my life


Yes I would have you forever in my arms


I could not break your marriage vows


They are sacred


I love you


You are in my heart always







Dear Kieth


 I could not hide my awe in your poetry


I adore you


I seldom meet the words adore, devotion, salvation,


only, all, you alone, very last time,


among others.


The breathing pattern of your rhythm


Is so sweet and in synchronicity with the beating of every heartbeat


It is so real



May I know your birthday?







My Darling Ashra,


My thoughts hold nothing but you


My heart is filled with nothing but you


If we can be wed even if only in our


Thoughts then my darling we can be




Than lovers


My heart and my soul are yours,





My Kieth,


Wowwww….your scribble is great!


Yes, I love and adore you too


Tell me I’m the other half of your soul




If I’m not, I would have not known my purpose for living


If I’m not, I’d rather wither and die


If I’m not, my soul would be incomplete


I love and adore you,







My scribble is just drivel compared to your words


I both love and






You are my soulmate, my half without


Which I could not exist


I love you,





September 23, 2003




I have never been loved as much as you love me,


Never been loved


I have never been adored as much as you adore me,


Never been adored


I have never got a love so devoted


No love for me ;


You are my dream


You are my life


It is you that I live for.





My Gorgeous Ashra,


If we are to be wed, even in our thoughts,


We must decide where to live


My wish is only to be with you.


My love,





My sweetest of all loves


Your words are so sweet


You move me to the very depths of my soul


I do not deserve such love


Yet I gladly accept you as my wife,


If only in my dreams, for had




Met at


An earlier time I would surely have found


You and made you my own


I long for your touch


I yearn for you kisses


I ache for you each and everyday


You are my life and love



My bday is on the 30th of April


I am a hospital staff in UK





I love you so much


In life and death


Promise me your love is only for me


I would do anything as you please to make you happy


You take care and stay handsome for me darling


I love you alone





My Wonderful Ashra


We must live somewhere that means


An equidistant place between our


Present lands


Where we can live in the shelter of our love


Where we can make love as the sun


Slides slowly out of the sky


Sleep while the stars watch over us


And wake to make love with the


Rising sun


(my dream and my fantasy)





Get a house now where we could live




So we could be together even in thoughts


Your decision is my decision


I am excited where you will take me


I am not afraid


Because you are one with me


I give you my heart, my life, my all.



Can we have a house in America?


So it could be more realistic for you and me – where


Perhaps sometime we could really be together


Where we can never part


And together often, we’ll always be.


Where I could not function without you


And you without me


The two of us bonded together


Me only for you


And you only for me.





September 26, 2003


1.    Now I have to think


2. My Husband




Fill in please


3.what would be my name




Dear Kieth


It makes me so sad, that you


Who are far away


Can make me happy even in thoughts


Yes, GOD has his reasons




To balance life with joy and sorrow


You who are the keeper of my soul




Me understand about life


You make my dreams come true


This is a miracle of love.




My Ashra


My writing talents pale beside your words


I have no great talent, but you are a wordsmith


Forging your thoughts into words, hammering


The words with your feelings


Like a blacksmith would produce


A sword or plough


A work of art which is produced only


By those with a gift


My words are yours, my heart is yours and


My thoughts are only of you


Maybe we are a little Romeo and Juliet,


I hope without the tragedy


If in any way I inspire you


Then my heart is gladdened


You my loved one are my reason for being


I am and always will be yours, if


You would have me.





I dream about the galaxy


And about the mountains


I dream of all the things that could be


As long as I am with you


I dream of not leaving your side


Not a blink of my eye will lose sight of you


I would not want anything more


but you


We would live in a shelter of our love


And make love


As the sun slides slowly out of the sky


In your cherished embrace


While the stars watch over us


Then, we would make love again


With the rising sun


Your embrace is my wish


Your embrace is my peace


In your arms I could die


I love you forever,





September 25, 2003



My writing talents pale beside your words


I have no great talent, but you are a wordsmith


Forging your thoughts into words, hammering


The words with your feelings


Like a blacksmith would produce


A sword or plough


A work of art which is produced only


By those with a gift


My words are yours, my heart is yours and


My thoughts are only of you


Maybe we are a little Romeo and Juliet,


I hope without the tragedy


If in any way I inspire you


Then my heart is gladdened


You my loved one are my reason for being


I am and always will be yours, if


You would have me.





I dream about the galaxy


And about the mountains


I dream of all the things that could be


As long as I am with you


I dream of not leaving your side


Not a blink of my eye


I would not want anything more


Nothing but you


We would live in a shelter of our love


And make love


As the sun slides slowly out of the sky


In your cherished embrace


While the stars watch over us


Then, peacefully we would make love again


With the rising sun


Your embrace is my wish


Your embrace is my peace


In your arms I could die


I love you forever,




September 25, 2003


My Beautiful Ashra,


I want you so much, may I ask to address you as my wife


You are everything to me, my love is for you and you alone


I wish that someday I would be allowed


To touch your flawless skin


And hold you in my arms


All my love always



My whole life would be devoted to your pleasure


I would never make you cry


You will only ever see and hear smiles and laughter


And only ever experience joy


These are my wishes for you my love


I love you and you alone,





My Husband Kieth,


Yes, you could touch me now


Touch my skin and feel every breath of my pore


See the marks of time


The beauty of my youth


The creases of my wisdom


Feel the fragrance and sweat of who I am


Kiss me with your breath


I want your every breath


Every beating of your heart


The gentleness of your love


Which had been a dream to me


A gift of your love


Touch me, yes touch me now


I am adored by your touch


Like a goddess


Who becomes a mortal in the name of love


To kneel to you


And become your slave


I kiss your feet.


My love forever,



September 26, 2003


Wished you were here


In the lament of my writing process


Together we could


Make up a fantasy


You who are my inspiration


Offer me every word to write


A bliss in my life


To cover my strife


I am nothing without you


My wish other than our writing


Would be to see each other sometime


As husband and wife


And while we go on


Our souls could never be parted


By distance.  Together we are


Keeping promises


Keeping thoughts


Keeping each others breath


2.    I am your wife


My thoughts are only of you


Naïve, fresh from the falls of Eden, this is my resurrection


I pray that you would love only me


Because you are mine now


If by chance there is another love


Then I would go, or perhaps stay again if you asked


To keep our covenant


If I get jealous my heart would sink


Into the deep


Form a boulder


Standing on seas


I could never be moved then


My grief would turn the sea red.


I am your wife


Love me as no one had ever loved me


Wind my heart


It is beating your name


Thanking GOD  time you came


I am tired


Let me lie beside you now, my husband


Press your lips unto mine


Let me sleep in your most cherished embrace


Let me touch you


I desire you.



There is only one Salem,


I love you



September 23 2003


My Darling Wife


I am currently working three night shifts


So we might miss each other


For a


Short while


I will try and get on line to answer


Your mails but if I don’t please


Do not


Get angry or sad


I both love and adore you



My Darling Wife,


My love one, I adore you and hope that


Any union between us can be a




My love heart and soul are yours to do with


As you please


I ache for you each day


I am your devoted husband



Your words move me as no others have


I want to desire you even from afar


My love does not diminish


Even though it is just in dreams


I need you more each day


My love as always is yours


My wife whom I adore


My wish is to be one with you


Your are to me is one of the most beautiful woman on earth


I ask nothing more than to be loved by you


I am your servant and your lover to do with as you will


My love grows stronger everyday



September 27, 2003


My work as hospital officer is always hectic… always needed by people


People never


Stop being sick or injured


I have a Bachelor of Science degree which I obtained whilst working


I have never been polygamous, I am yours as long as you want me





My Dearest Ashra,


What wonderful words, they seem to fall


From your pen


You have a talent which I could never equal


I carry your words in my heart










September 29, 2003


I tried to check my emails tonight.  I was so surprised that I got mails from you so soon.  I was trying to catch you if you were online.  But maybe you just did the mails.  I am missing you my darling. Il will be waiting and sending you mail while you’re away.


I know you are not polygamous…LOL.  You make me believe that.  LOL. Just be safe .


Thank you for your care. I could go nutsss, feeling you really are my husband.  Maybe I’m crazy —  to die for you.






I am happy that you worked your way towards your dreams and goals in life

And study whilst you work….wow that’s great of you.  You must be a real genius!





My Ashra


I have one wife …. You


My love always,






 My Darling Ashra


I both want and need you


I ache  for you touch, your words


And your love


I am yours forever


My love as always,





Dear Kieth


My body yearns for you


I am missing you so much


I love you






My Wife,


Please, please do not cry


I could not bear it if I was the cause of


Your tears


My heart and soul belongs to you


September 29, 2003




You could never be forgotten


You were always there for me



Your Bestfriend,






September 29 Monday


My Dear Wife


When I heard your voice it was as if angels were talking to me


I thought nothing could compare to your picture, your beauty is breathtaking


But your voice so pure and full of life moved me


I love you so much.


My Husband


I got so excited to hear your voice


I missed you, too


Yes you are my life and my reason for living


My heart is yours


My thoughts are yours


My soul is for you to keep


I could cry in happiness


I yearn for your embrace


I love you, my husband.




My Darling Ashra,


When I heard your voice I was lost for words


I have never been so happy


Please be mine and think my name


Let your love be for me



You are my sole thought through night and day


I would love to see you, I know in real life it would be impossible




I love you so much and I need you


More than ever.


My Love,


If I could turn back time to a day before


I would take you to be mine alone



My Darling Kieth,


May I ask for your address/location in UK if possible?


I am trying to review my geography.  Wished it were me, so I could see the castles and get to go where you are –


Sometime maybe if there will be a miracle


I am praying sometime we could be in one place and be together for real


I am serious


Take care,



My Darling,


I live near to a place called Middlesbrough.


Or should I say halfway between Middlesbrough and Whitby


Whitby is the initial setting for the story by Bram Stoker,  “Dracula.”


We have castles, ancient priories and scenery to die for…


the weather on the


North Yorkshire Moors this time of year


Has the most wonderful shade






If we could be in the same place for real at some point, I am sure


That I would get us arrested


I would not be able to keep myself in control, I


Would be unable to stop myself making love to you where we were.


I love you my darling.


My Husband,


Please think of me when you are in bed and asleep


Please think of me when you are awake


I want you and need you so badly


My heart aches


My love one, please take care.


Thank you for making me your own


Find union with your thoughts


I want to grow old with you


Take care of you


Age gracefully in your love


You are the other half of my soul.












On November 26, that same year Kieth and Ashra got wed in Sacred Heart Parish, Scotland.  The honeymoon was spent in the Philippines.  And then, they traveled to different parts of the world.  Ashra died of heart failure and left Kieth with no son or daughter.  After Ashra’s death, Kieth had his acres of farm planted with beautiful flowers and named the  farm Lady Ashra Fields.



The End


Copyright rose flores – martinez 2009

Author:  Ma. Rosalinda Flores – Martinez



Contact: rose__voc@yahoo.com.ph

Or rfvietnamrose9@gmail.com



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